Hand Stitched Leather Card Holder
Hand Stitched Leather Card Holder
Hand Stitched Leather Card Holder
Hand Stitched Leather Card Holder
Hand Stitched Leather Card Holder
Hand Stitched Leather Card Holder
Hand Stitched Leather Card Holder
Hand Stitched Leather Card Holder

Hand Stitched Leather Card Holder

50 Reviews

If you ask me to describe our items in a few phrases just 2 words LEATHER & LOVE come to mind. That’s because they are crafted with much care and warmth to put big smiles on customers’ faces.

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Looking for a leather credit card holder? Or for a nice gift for someone special?

Lucky you are… I have a gorgeous product for you. This amazing card wallet is perfect for everyday use and helps to keep your cards organized. It consists of four card slots which hold 6-8 credit cards comfortably and a middle pocket which makes it easy to store money.

If you ask me to describe our items in a few phrases just 2 words LEATHER & LOVE come to mind. That’s because they are crafted with much care and warmth to put big smiles on customers’ faces. They are thoughtfully designed to make you happy and unique.

✔ 100% hand cut and sewn, Top grain cow leather

✔ 4 card slot and 1 cash compartment

✔ slim and simple design ,fit into front and back pocket

✔ Perfect gift for groomsmen, husband, boyfriend, father or son

Why we honor and insist on sewing our leather product by hand ?

Leather sewing machines commonly use the "lock stitch" , If just one loop of a lock stitch is broken, the other side will automatically be loosened, often this process of unraveling will continue until the entire product is ruined. for hand stitched leather product, it will not unravel if one stitch is broken because of its special construction from saddle stitch that only is achieved by hand!

Though slower, hand sewing is superior to machine sewing. It is the best way to sew leather together,the hand stitched leather product will be more durable and stand the test of time !!

50 Reviews

I love my wallet...
Very nice, smooth, soft leather, and taba colour.
By Roxana Rae on 08/17/2022

Love the wallet!
This is a fantastic product. The leather feels great and I love the way it looks. I use it as my main wallet and it's really simple and easy to use. I'm very happy with it.
By John Toombs on 12/09/2021

Beautiful and good quality...
I love my wallet, suprizingly it holds cash pretty well if you are mainly a card user.
By Ricky D. on 10/12/2021

This one is PERFECT!!
Got this when I wanted to downsize my wallet. So slim and fits in my back pocket without me even knowing it’s there! It’s perfect, exactly what I wanted, thank you!
By Jordan Harrison on 10/03/2021

Exceeded all expectations!
Beautiful, simple design. Amazing quality and craftsmanship. Highly recommended seller! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
By Julian Angus on 09/11/2021

I love this product...
It is exactly what I was looking for. Very simple but quality product. My husband is using it as a wallet because he didn't want to carry a big bulky one. I will be ordering one for myself.
By Megan Edwards on 08/19/2021

Amazing quality leather and stitching
I love it so much, thank you! Exactly as pictured, and feels like it will last a very long time!
By Richard D. on 08/10/2021

I love wallet...
Really happy with my new blue wallet!!! I would recommend buying this.
By Adrian Mcmahon on 07/12/2021

Absolutely beautiful...
Great purchase! My husband loved it...
By Sarah Petty on 04/03/2021

Very nice product!
Perfect!! And arrived earlier than expected!
By James D. on 03/20/2021

Beautifully handmade!!
Couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out...
By Michaela Davis on 02/28/2021

10/10 beautiful craftsmanship
This is by far my favorite wallet purchase...ever. Customer service is the best!
By Katie Anderson on 02/11/2021

Super high quality!!
Love the small size and design, and the rapid shipping was an extra bonus.
By Amber Tides on 01/08/2021

This is an absolutely beautiful wallet...
This wallet is exactly what I was looking for. It's big enough to hold what I need and small enough to fit nicely into my front pocket. Great design and material. Seller kept me informed about purchase and shipping.
By Todd Gordon on 12/23/2020

Just beautiful!
Great people to work with. Shipped fast.
By Amanda Laffin on 12/07/2020

10/10 beautiful craftsmanship
Thankyou I'm so happy. Perfect in every way. I will have this for years I'm sure...
By Denise Bull on 11/18/2020

Awesome product
This was a gift and he absolutely LOVED it! It is so well made and the perfect size. We're both vegan, so it's great to be able to find a high-quality vegan gift like this wallet!
By Roxy Ragamuffin on 11/13/2020

Great quality!!!
My dad absolutely loves it!
By Rachael Burns on 11/05/2020

High class gorgeous leather
This slim leather wallet is not only beautiful and classy but also practical and low profile. I totally recommend.
By Josh T. on 10/21/2020

Absolutely loving it!
It’s exactly what I wanted and I get so many compliments.
By Michael Williams on 10/18/2020

Super gorgeous genuine leather piece. Made with quality care and and attention to detail. Very happy with this purchase!!
By Ana Driscoll on 10/15/2020

Such a beautifully well made wallet. I purchased one a while back and enjoy how convenient it is to use and have minimalized what I need to carry around.
By Daniela Pardo on 10/02/2020

Super cute!!
I’m very happy with my wallet!
By Jessica Green on 09/26/2020

Great little wallet
Well made, aesthetically pleasing and packaged beautifully. This was a gift and the recipient was delighted with it. He regularly tells me how much he loves it.
By Kelly Taylor on 09/14/2020

One of my favorite purchases on VOLeather! Beautiful work, unique, simple. Note: if you are in America and looking to purchase, allow 3-5 weeks. I wasn't in a rush, but it was a surprise when it arrived !
By Ruby Villanueva on 08/30/2020

Great product for a good price...
Beautifully made wallet. Amazing quality and fabulous service. I bought one as a gift and was tempted to keep it for myself!
By Francesca Cooper on 08/27/2020

Good quality leather!!!
Beautiful and high quality. I love it!
By Holly Chatburn on 08/19/2020

Great product...
I bought one last year and lost it in a move - so happy to have it back and it is well made, simple and beautiful.
By Mary Taggart on 08/14/2020

Looks super great!!!
Excellent quality, fair pricing and fast shipment! Can’t ask for more than that! Highly recommended.
By Zach Wiggin on 08/13/2020

My husband loved it!
It was a gift for my husband and it arrived very on time! Good quality and absolutely loves it. He uses it very well. I recommend!
By Amanda Conallen on 08/11/2020

Awesome wallet!!!
Very good quality and super fast delivery, which is rare these days due to COVID. Would definitely do business with again in the future.
By Thomas Ryan on 08/06/2020

The wallet is perfect!
Salesperson was very quick to answer any questions I had and shipped my item out in great time! Will definitely be visiting this shop again.
By Rita Lawton on 08/04/2020

It is so sexy and well made
Beautiful, simple design. Amazing quality and craftsmanship. Highly recommended seller! *****
By Amera Rabson on 07/29/2020

This is a great wallet!
Finally found what i've been searching for. Great work Huff. Cheers.!
By David Velez on 07/09/2020

I love this wallet!
I love this wallet! Exactly as pictured and beautifully crafted. It took a while to arrive, but definitely worth the wait. I will be buying from again. Thank you so much!
By Maya M. on 07/01/2020

Very happy!!!
Got this for a gift for my husband and he loved it! Great quality and fast shipping.
By Cassie Greenwald on 06/17/2020

Great little wallet. Real nice leather, well stitched. Quality craftsmanship! It should age beautifully! Thanks!
By Michael D. on 06/16/2020

Great craftsmanship!!
I love It! It’s beautifully crafted and look amazing!
By Joseph Carrasquillo on 06/01/2020

The workmanship is outstanding as always! Beautiful wallet, Thank you very much!!!
By Laura Lopez on 05/27/2020

Love it!!
All this fits in this little awesome wallet! Great craftsmanship, price and came in quick!
By Cesar Lopez on 05/16/2020

Nice quality wallet!
Thank you so much! The level of craftsmanship is very high and worth the wait :)
By Tiffani Peralta on 05/13/2020

Happy customer!!!
Well crafted and beautiful! Feels so good whenever I pull my card from it. Thank you!
By Ashley and Gina on 05/09/2020

Super happy!!
Hi quality and excellent craftsmanship. Love it and will buy more.
By Trevor W. on 05/04/2020

Outstanding Quality and Great Price!
Great quality, great service, and speedy delivery. The packaging is top notch as well.
By Russell Leach on 04/18/2020

Excellent Wallet, Great Craftsmanship
Wallet is awesome. I love it. After two weeks it is starting to patina rather nicely. Wallet is built like a tank. Very strong. All stitching and leather craftsmanship is top notch. I’m very happy with this purchase and everyone who sees the wallet asks about it. It truly is a nice piece far better than anything you may purchase in a retail setting.
By John W. on 03/22/2020

Made the move to a minimalist wallet this past year, and picked this one up. It's been perfect. Easily fits in front pockets and holds just what I need. Far better than a large traditional wallet, and its well made.
By Jeff P. on 03/11/2020

Absolutely the best product ever!
My partner loves it so much. Great customer service, great communication, great quality. Highly recommended!
By Lori W. on 03/03/2020

Great product!!
My boyfriend loved it a lot!
By Demi Rivera on 11/13/2019

Absolutely love the wallet!!
Very well made! I will absolutely buy again from this shop. This is handcrafted and it shows! I love it!
By Becky Clark on 11/10/2019

This wallet meets my needs. It holds the cards I need and is still small enough to fit in my front pocket. Very happy with this purchase.
By Philip W. on 11/07/2019
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