VO® Leather is a leather company which started as an outlet to generate and create fashionable and innovative leather products.

We envision our leather accessories having the opportunity to travel the world with you gaining character and charm from the environments it is exposed to and adventures it lives through.

Our goal at VO® Leather is to provide only the best in terms of integrity, reliability, and patience as we will not compromise on top-quality as we believe that durability, timelessness as well as simplicity are crucial to any piece of genuine leatherwork.

Quality is the leitmotif of our entrepreneurial philosophy

  • The quality of the materials we choose: We only use leather of the highest quality, complying with international laws.
  • The quality of the design: Unisex designs suitable for modern expectations, products made with handcraft in every step.
  • Production quality: The leathers are produced by an old tannery in Turkey.
  • Quality of customer service: our e-commerce is designed to make user experience anywhere in the world simple and fast.

VO® Leather, where the strong character of Turkish tradition meets cutting-edge technology: a combination that gives rise to a modern and contemporary luxury accessory, tailor-made, by us for you